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Aura Energy

Aura Energy Limited (AEE) is a uranium exploration company with several operations prospective for uranium ore deposits. The Company's primary focus is the search for uranium in Australia, Africa and Scandinavia.  Aura has interests in the Alum Shale projects in Sweeden and the Gunbarrel Basin  joint venture in Western Australia.
Alliance Resources
Alliance Resources Limited (AGS, formerly Alliance Energy Limited) is involved in the exploration, development and mining of minerals deposits in Australia.  Alliance Resources has four Australian projects covering uranium, gold, copper and base metals.  The company has a 25% free carried interest in the Four Mile Project exploring for uranium copper and gold in South Australia.
Arafura Resources
Arafura Resources Limited (ARU, formerly Arafura Resources NL) is a minerals exploration company with primary focus is the development of the Nolans rare earths-phosphate-uranium project in the Northern Teritory.
Atom Energy

Atom Energy Limited (ATQ) is a mineral exploration and development company focusing on exploring Uranium in Australia and the USA.  Atom Energy has interests in Cleo's Uranium Project, Munadgee Creek Uranium Project, Native Gap Project and Gaylad Creek Project in the Northern Teritory, along with uranium exploration licences in Utah.
Berkeley Resources
Berkeley Resources Limited (BKY) is a minerals exploration company with projects located in Australia and in Spain. Berkeley is also exploring for a wide range of minerals including diamonds, gold, tantalum and nickel. Berkeley has interests in the Salamanca and Carcares and Gaudalajara  projects in Spain and the Meriam Bouchures project in Western Australian and Northern Territory.
Bannerman Resources
Bannerman Resources Limited (BMN) is a Perth based mineral exploration company focused on project in Africa and Australia. Bannerman has interests in the Goanikontes project in Nambia, the Serule and Dukwe uranium projects in Botswana and White Ring uranium project in Western Australia.  

Boss Resources

Boss has entered into an agreement with Uranium One Inc. to acquire the Honeymoon Uranium Project in South Australia

Cauldron Energy

Cauldron Energy Limited is the product of the merger between Scimitar Resouces Limited and Jackson Minerals Limited. The company has several uranium exploration projects including W.A. Yanrey project with an initial exploration traget of 25-35 miliion pounds of uranium at gared of 300 - 900 ppm.
Contact Uranium

Contact Resources (CTS) is a gold,base metals, uranium and PGE (platinum group elements) exploration company, with the projects located exclusively in Peru, Kyrgyzstan and Australia.  Contact Resources has interests in the Corachapia uranium project in Puru, Kyrgyzstan uranium project in Kyrgyzstan and Mt Cotton project in Western Australian.

Crossland Uranium Mines
ASX code: CUX

Australian uranium and advanced Rare Earths exploration projects in the Northern Territory & South Australia.

Curnamona Energy
ASX code: CUY

Curnamona Energy Ltd is an uranium exploration company with over 5000km2 of exploration tenements in South Australia.
Deep Yellow
Deep Yellow Limited (DYL, formerly Julia Corporation Limited, JLA) is a uranium exploration company with licences and project acquisition plans across Australia and Namibia.  Deep Yellow is the owner of Reptile Uranium Nambie Pty Ltd and has interests in the Napperby project in the Northern Teritory, the Western Gawler project in South Australia, and a uranium agreement with Xstrata in Queensland.
Energy Metals
Energy Metals Limited (EME) is a uranium exploration company with  projects in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Energy Metal's projects include the Bigrlyi and Ngalia projects in Nothern Teritory and the Lake Mason, Mopoke Well and Lakeside projects in Western Australia.

Havilah Resources

Havilah Resources NL is a gold, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, lead and zinc exploration company with projects in Australia. Uranium JV with CUY
Impact Minerals
Impact Minerals Limited (IPT) is engaged in the exploration of uranium, gold, nickel, copper and platinum group metals (PGM's). The Company has extensive tenement holdings in Western Australia and Queensland. Imoact Minerals has an interest in the Quinns Lake and Yarrabubba uranium projects in Western Australia and exploration licenses in Botswana.  
Marathon Resources
Marathon Resources (MTN) is an exploration company with projects located in Australia and prospective for copper, gold, base metals and uranium.  Marathon Resources has interests in the Paralana Minerals System and Mulga Well projects in South Australia and Warbuton project in Western Australia.
Maximus Resources
Matrix Metals Limited (MRX) is primarily involved in the exploration and development of polymetallic minerals. MRX has portfolio projects in uranium, gold, copper, nickel and platinum group element (PGE) deposits. Matrix have projects in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  
PepinNini Minerals
PepinNini Mineral Limited (PNN) is a mineral exploration company focused on base metals, uranium and gold in South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. PepinNini Minerals has an interest in the Curnamona uranium exploration project in South Australia.
Summit Resources

Summit Resources Limited (SMM) is a uranium, copper, gold and base metals exploration company with the projects located in Queensland. Summit is majority owned by ASX-listed company Paladin Resources (PDN) and has interests in uranium projects in Queensland including the Mt Isa Uranium joint venture, Valhalla Uranium Deposit and SKAL Uranium Deposit.
Southern Cross Exploration
Southern Cross Exploration NL (SXX) is involved in exploration for gold/other minerals, and examination of mineral/metal projects, as its core activities. The company also undertakes investments in property, loans, shares and other securities. Southern Cross Exploration has an interest in the Bigrlyi joint venture uranium project in the Northern Territory.
Toro Energy
Toro Energy is focused on uranium exploration in South Australia. Toro Energy's interests include the Kingoonya Project, Narlaby Project, Yaninee Project, Roxby - Acropolis Project, Pandurra Project, Mount Woods - Warriner Creek Project, Radium Hill - Bonython Hill Project, Lake Frome Project and Nonning Project.
Uranex NL (UNX) is a uranium exploration company with projects located in Australia and Tanzania. Uranex has interests in the Bahi uranium project in Tanzania and the Thatcher Soak uranium deposit in Western Australia.
U308 Limited
U308 Limited (UTO) is a uranium exploration company operating primarily in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. U308 has completed 2 major drilling programs at the Dawson-Hinkler Well in Western Australia and controls 10 uranium projects across Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.
West Australian Metals

West Australian Metals Ltd (WME) is a uranium and base metals exploration company, focused on the Marenica Uranium joint venture in Namibia. West Australia Metals also has interests in the Scadden uranium project in Western Australia.


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