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Australia currently produces approximately 9,000 tonnes of uranium per annum exclusively through three Australian mines - Ranger mine in the Northern Territory, and Olympic Dam and Beverly mines located in South Australia. 

The Ranger mine, Australia's largest, is owned by Australian ASX-listed company ERA (ASX Code: ERA) and represents approximately 53% of Australia's total uranium production. 

The Olympic Dam mine is owned by Australian company and dual-listed BHP (ASX Code: BHP), and represents approximately 39% of Australia's uranium production.  

Australia's third mine, Beverly is owned by Australian private company Heath gate Resources, an affiliate of General Atomics based in California, USA, and represents approximately 8% of Australia's uranium production. 

Australia's three mine policy was introduced in 1983 by the Hawke Labor Government with the goal of limiting Australia's expansion in the uranium sector.  This policy was enforced for 25 years before being overturned at the National ALP conference in April 2007.  This new policy frees the Australian State Governments to now make their own discussions about uranium mining / production. 

Many Australian companies have exploration operations and a number of these companies also have uranium production operations overseas. 



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